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Early Dental Care

Exam and Prevention

Age 1: Visits & Initial Exam

The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit a dentist by their first birthday. We have special facilities and techniques to introduce these young patients to the dental office. Early visits are the proactive parents’ best chance of reducing any risk factors and improving your child’s primary prevention program. Dental caries is the most common childhood disease. It is seven time more prevalent than asthma. However, it is totally preventable. You can keep your child healthy and avoid costly dental work in the future by investing in prevention. New patient visits include a tour of the office, soft tissue examination, scaling and polishing, necessary x-rays, fluoride treatment, oral hygiene instruction, dental development evaluation, dietary and nutritional counseling, and patient/parent education. We provide anticipatory guidance so you know what to expect. We also teach our patients in an age-appropriate manner to help nurture and encourage positive learning.

Recare Appointments

Our recare or “routine checkup” appointments are more than just a cleaning. Every recare visit is an opportunity to effectively teach and reinforce oral health.

Preventative Sealants

The grooves and small indentations on the surface of the back teeth are where food particles accumulate most often. As a result these are also the commonest areas to get cavities. To prevent this we place a ‘sealant’ which is a hard white material which flows into the grooves and fissures on the surface of the teeth and effectively prevents food remnants from sticking to the teeth. This is a non invasive procedure which is a very effective and easy way to avoid cavities.

Fluoride Treatment

When fluoride is used in the right amounts and on a routine basis it helps to prevent tooth decay. It keeps the enamel strong and encourages “remineralization,”or hardening of weakened areas that are often the beginning of a cavity. Fluoride occurs naturally in water, foods, and dental products such as toothpaste, mouth rinses, gels, varnish and supplements. Fluoride could be a key element of an affective preventive program.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards can offer protection to patients with persistent grinding (bruxism) and other habits such as jaw clenching. The “night guard” requires careful evaluation and becomes a part of the patient’s routine check up. Athletic mouth guards are another common reason for mouth guards. They can prevent serious dental injuries to active kids.

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Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry
50 Dayton Lane, Suite #103
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Gentle Care Pediatric Dentistry
40 Radio Circle
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Phone: (914) 241-1933

Office Hours by Appointment.

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